Thursday, February 21, 2013

Averted Imagination: 3 Spectacular Bright Sun Photographs

By day he makes greeting cards. At night, photographer Alan Friedman pursue his passion for astronomy. Using a telescope with special filters he creates the most spectacular high-res photos of the sun and other bright objects in space. His observatory, just in case you ask yourself, is located in a downtown backyard "amidst street lights and the turbulent winds of the jet stream" but, as you can see below, he makes the most out of it.

Solar Nirvana

The sun's disk is "alive with activity" in this amazing shot described by Friedman as the "most dynamic show in many years". More version of this photograph which was also published on the Discovery Channel and on Discover magazine's Bad Astronomy blog, right here.

Giant Color Prominence

A fine art print of this image which was featured on and as NASA's APOD is available for sale. 24 hours after that giant prominence color shot was taken that filament was still hanging on there. Source and more versions here.

High five on the fifth of May

"High five on the fifth of May... a grand new active region rotating into view, a massive prominence unleashed and blown away by the solar wind, handsome sunspot 1471, some wonderful filaments arching across the chromosphere... and clear skies to enjoy all of the above...". Source and moon colored version here.

For more amazing Alan Friedman photography visit

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