Monday, April 13, 2009

Polar Bears Prefer (Unstable) Chubbiness

Polar Bears Prefer (Unstable) Chubbiness

We already know Lions Prefer Blondes and make great Photojournalism dramas but other than the Grizzly Man we had very little explicit visual information about the human oriented culinary preferences of bears in general and polar bears in particular. Thanks to CNN News, we can now report that polar bears prefer unstable chubby young women. This preference is clearly demonstrated here with a German 32-year-old lady during a casual visit to the Berlin zoo and, well... after climbing into the moat surrounding the bear pen during feeding time.

Swimming towards the bear

Swimming. watching (via

Woman is mauled. Bear is eating...

According to local police the woman jumped into the water-filled ditch that separates visitors from the enclosure that houses the bears. Not surprisingly we should say, one of the bears dived into the water and "mauled the woman" a little bit causing "serious injuries". Above: bear is eating (via nydailynews)

Saved from Polar Bear (1)

Luckily for our young friend a few brave Zoo workers came to the rescue and tossed their always waiting rescue rings to hoist her out.

Saved from Polar Bear (2)

The polar bears swam nearby and the whole scene was captured on cameras, video included.

Saved from Polar Bear (3)

Official police spokesman said that "The woman has proved herself to be careless by jumping into the enclosure." adding that "Logic tells us that polar bears will do this type of thing in this situation." We tend to agree with the German police in this case only we are not sure if that's a matter of logic or a simple appetite for a chubby meal. Rescue video below.


  1. Anonymous13.4.09

    This woman is stupid and deserved to be mauled.

  2. Anonymous14.4.09

    Just like Anonymous said the woman was stupid and she did deserve it. Why would you do it? What would posses her to go down into the polar bear pen? I didnt know it if was me but i thought it was common sense not to go into animal's pens. O i like that pic of the polar bear biting her lol if ur that stupid to try something like that then u deserve the polar bear to bite u.

  3. They should put some sort of deterrent in the habitat to prevent people from doing that.
    Such as a few ferocious polar bears.

  4. Stupid? more like suicidal. Why the hell would you jump into a cage with a large hungry carnivore?

  5. Anonymous14.4.09

    You bit me! Charlie, that really hurt!

  6. Anonymous10.2.10

    CNN got the title all wrong. It should have been "Woman feeds herself to polar bears at The Berlin Zoo."

    LOL @ Charlie comment....


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