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The End is Near (but looks cool) if you Ask Aleix Gordo Hostau.

The End is Near (but looks cool) if you Ask Aleix Gordo Hostau

With no formal art education but with strong background in urban street art and graffiti, Aleix Gordo Hostau began holding a pencil before he "was able to speak" and managed to evolve from drawing for publishing companies to advertising and fashion illustration, comic books and painting. Today, amongst the clients of this talented illustrator and painter based in Barcelona, Spain, are leading firms such as Vans, Pepe Jeans London, Montana Colors and Panini Comics. "My iconography is based in Nordic mythology, masonry and some other personal developed stuff about the Apocalypse" says Hostau when asked about inspiration. The following samples of Hostau's work are published with permission of the artist.

Fashion Illustration

The above fashion Illustration is made by colour pencils and watercolour. Theme is based in the Funk of the 70's, Hip-Hop and urban culture in general. Below: Detail.

Fashion Illustration (detail)

The End is Near

The End Is Near

The End is Near (above) is part of an in-process series of paintings Hostau has been working on. Same as other items in the series the above piece is made of spray paint and paint marker on canvas. Size: 100x100 cm.

Don't Panic

Don't Panic

The Spanish version of the famous Don't Panic magazine will publish a 42x59.5 cm poster designed by Hostau this year. Themed after The End of The World, 25,000 copies of this poster are due to be distributed with the magazine in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia before the end of 2009. Below: Detail.

Don't Panic (detail)

Mural Mariachi


This mural was done in collaboration with several other artists including Inocuo, TvBoy, Juan Carlos Noria and Sonos for the 24x24 Graphic Design Marathon - a happening organized by IDEP in Barcelona where - how cool - 24 designers create 24 illustrations during 24 hours. Hostau's part included the Mariachi element. Technique included paint, paint markers, and spray paint on wall. Below a detail of Hostau's Mariachi.

Mural (detail)

La Troupe #2

The first graffiti comics in Spain and a unique of its kind in the world, La Troupe is published by Montana Colors and British Panini Comics, hosting the works of 52 of the most well known graffiti artists and writers in Spain.


Art takes time so Hostau has been working on his La Troupe #2 project since 2004. If all goes well, we can all get our La Troupe #2 copy later on this year, after it will be published in France. For more about La Troupe check on their Facebook group.

For more art by Aleix Gordo Hostau:

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