Friday, March 6, 2009

Inspiration 3! An Open Call for Art from the Streets of Tel Aviv

if you are a regular reader on CultCase you may already know that Israeli street-art and graffiti scenes have been gaining strong International momentum recently. Much of this trend is attributed to talented immigrants from former U.S.S.R. countries, Europe and North America. INSPIRATION 3! - the third art exhibition produced by INSPIRE COLLECTIVE and Israeli street-artist and media activist idiotthewise – is one more example to how alive Israeli street-art scene really is. Focusing in posters, print works and clothing, this year's show is already in production and a "call for action" has been published:
"There is such a feeling of impending seasonal change here in Tel Aviv. Inspiration comes in with the spring & for the third year, the INSPIRE Collective asks you to show off some inspiration! It’s during these pre-spring months, for the last few years, that we really get working and organized in order to time the show with these weather and seasonal changes as a type of metaphor for inspiration..."

As the two previous Inspiration exhibitions the show is open to artists from all over the world, not just Israel so verity is accordingly. For pictures of the first Inspiration Art Exhibition at the Barbur Gallery in Jerusalem see here. For pictures of the second show at the Legal Action Gallery / Casco Urban Lab in Tel Aviv see here. The following are a few selected works already submitted to the INSPIRATION 3! project.


Stencils on water cylinders in the City Bowl. Cheers to Warren Lewis, also known as worldwarwon, a visual artist working from Cape Town, South Africa who will be exhibiting this enlightening work simply-titled Beer. More works from worldwarwon here.

Israeli match 1 and 2

Israeli match 1 and Israeli match 2 are two powerful art pieces by another interesting artist from Cape Town, South Africa named senyol. It's hard to think of a more appropriate image to express the reality in Israel at the moment. Other than being a sharped-eye artist and running an active Flickr account, senyol also run his own blog. For more mathcstick art by senyol see here.

The Kotel

We are usually not very big fans of holy places here at CultCase yet this fabulous piece by Jehan King is just too interesting to ignore. Kotel fits just well with how King describes her own work – energized, vibrant, colorful, raw and bold. King is a self taught abstract contemporary artist from USA. Check on her Etsy store here.

The Beach

The Beach is a vector-graphics styled painting by Yael Reshef from Tel-Aviv, Israel. As opposed to senyol's Reshef's images somewhat focus on images of how Israel could have looked like.

State is A Fear of Mind

We love simply implemented statementual conceptual creations such as this stencil work from Melvin Design also known as melvind from Birmingham, UK. Made with reused materials.

For more information about Inspiration 3! or to submit your own works go to

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