Friday, July 4, 2008

The Outsider Sculptors of Autodidact Johan Jonsson

He is an autodidact who writes, sculpts and uses multimedia, dividing his time between Luleå, Sweden where he was born in 1966 and a small village outside Skellefteå, where his sculpturing studio is located. Johan Jonsson's mixed media sculptures are fascinating reuse examples combining raw industrial materials such as metal, wood and fabrics, tar and leather with welding filler, silicone, rust with items and materials used in agriculture and forestry. Doing Horse (17x46x40 cm seen above and below) is made of nails, leather, weld, inside of a doll, part of sculpture and horses harness.

According to Jonsson "Junk art" may be an accurate term to describe his works when it comes to "choice of material". In "raw artistry" terms, however, "outsider art" or "art brut" are claimed to be "better suited".

Jonsson's next upcoming show will take place at Lilla Galleriet, Boden, Sweden this year. Previous exhibitions include Lindbergs Konst och Ram, Luleå (2005) Lilla Galleriet, Boden, Lindbergs Konst och Ram, Luleå (2006) Lilla Galleriet, Boden (2007) and Länsstyrelsen, Luleå, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway (2008). Above: The Game, 23x51x32 cm: sheet-iron, hair, sculpture part, chalk, tar, doll part, speedometer wire, welding wire.

Above: Delivery, 14x30x30 cm: brake-drum, weld, doll parts, part of sculpture, pink paint, iron wire. Below: Gathering, 17x27x27 cm: sheet-iron, brown, welded metal, brackets, weld art, welding rod.

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