Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How To Protect Yourself from Sandwich Pirates

With a nice looking well-made sandwich, some folks at the office might be shameless enough to, well... pirate it as a pre-lunch snack.

The above photos of a simple reuse solution in the form of a plastic bag arrived by email from a dedicated CultCase fan named Avi. P.S. please do not share this with any known sandwich pirates.


  1. Thanks.
    Good Idea.
    Be careful of the fanatic refrigerator cleaners. You may still lose it.

    P.S. How's it going?????

  2. Hi,

    This one is quite funny and with some imagination it may be applied to other things.

    Kind regards,


  3. Anonymous11.1.09

    LOVE it! I worked in a large hospital during the first wave of HIV/AIDS . Everyone was using my personal bottle of hand lotion... not just coworkers, but anyone who stumbled in... I labeled my hand lotion bottle as being HIV infected and no one ever touched it again!

  4. Anonymous28.1.09

    nice, if I saw that I'd probably end up throwing it away...


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