Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Finger: An Imaginary Landscape of Hebrew Letters

The Finger poster

Despite being The Finger a creation of an Israeli typographic artist, logo and type designer, despite the fact it clearly corresponds with ancient Jewish culture - Rang magazine, an Iranian ezine for graphic designers, could not have avoid it and recently published a follow up story about it (screenshot below). Well, yes, art is meant to be borderless but not always is.

The Finger on Rang magazine

Homage to the Israeli poet Hezi Leskley

The Finger consists with a short formalistic movie - practically a slow and beautiful taken travel shot of what seems like a 3d model of the Hebrew word האצבע (Hebrew for "The Finger"). Directed by Oded Ezer the movie is accompanied by a poster (shown top on this article) which was designed and photographed by the artist. According to Ezer The Finger was created as a homage to the Israeli poet Hezi Leskley and is titled after Leskley first book, published in 1986. Leskley was also a talented choreographer, an art critic and one of the first homo-lesbian activists in Israel and had died of AIDS in 1994.

Oded Ezer: 'Implanting Hebrew letters into my body'

Ezer is a top line internationally known artist who's works have been covered by major media channels, described with nearly every possible superlative from "emotional and powerful" (Die Gestalten Verlag) to simply "fascinating" (The NY Times). He has won many local and international prizes, including the Gold Prize at the international design competition of the Nagoya Design Center, Japan (2000); Certificate of Excellence at the 4th annual competition of the New York Type Directors Club and Certificate of Excellence at the "Bukva raz", a type design competition, Moscow, Russia (both 2001), and the Israeli Education Ministry Prize for Design (2003). Above: "Implanting Hebrew letters into my body" (as was shown on the Berlin talk).

The Finger by Oded Ezer from on Vimeo.
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  1. Grace F28.6.08

    I like the video. It's like a short mental journey... I think some people might find the video a little disturbing but I quite like it.

  2. that video has disturbed me...


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