Friday, January 11, 2008

Pitapocket Wallet: MP3 and Small Change Instead of Falafel and Fried Eggplants

Pitapocket designer and photographer Anat Safran

Just out from the oven and titled "Pitapocket" this pita cotton wallet is also a new creation by Israeli designer and photographer Anat Safran. Logo label designed by Oded Ezer, a top Israeli typographer, type designer and artist, already reviewed on Individual@Home August last year. Ad says:

"The most Israeli wallet, designed by Anat Safran, arrives to you straight from the oven. Instead of Falafel - small change. Instead of fried eggplants - mp3 player. This pita is made out of cloth and you may fill it up as you like."

Pitapocket designer and photographer Anat Safran

It is no wonder Safran picked up the Pita image for her metaphoric functional art creation. Pita is not just of the most popular food items in every Israeli kitchen. It also symbolizes our life here in the holy land: heavily mixed, stuffed up in a too small pocket and about to be torn apart any second. In case you live on Mars and have no idea what Pita bread might be, the photo below, taken by Israel Talby, is of a few real eatable Pitas.

Pita bread photo by Israel Talby

Pita is of course popular not just in Israel but across the entire Mediterraneans and is no Israeli invention in any way (see Wikipedia). According to Saad Fayed, editor of the Middle Eastern Food Blog, this particular food item is served at just about every meal in Middle Eastern dining. That's a lot of people, though I am not so sure most of them will be interested with the bag version. Meanwhile, if you feel like making your own home Pita bread already try this easy pita bread recipe from Fayed. You are promised to "say goodbye to store bought pita forever". More none Pita cool bags at Safran's site and more amazing logos and typo graphics at Oded Ezer's.


  1. Cool!
    I would need one for my pocket change...

    Pita bread is popular even in Finland. I think that is almost the only Israeli-type of food I can get fresh here :)

  2. I have experimented with pita pockets, pita bread is great for many things...thanks for the ideas..;)


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