Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 of My Best Posts and Viral linking (with a difference)

I was tagged to this meme by Leena of ConceptisAddict. It's a known fact that Viral linking has a lot of benefits. Those who don't know about viral linking, click here. What we are going to do now is follow the same thing, but with a difference. Usually, we post just people's links as such. But the rules are a bit different.

All you have to do is post links to 5 of your most favorite blog posts and tag 5 bloggers to do the same. This way , your favorite blog posts will seek the limelight and you get excellent results. This is not a very difficult job. Have a great time tagging and see your blog's traffic increasing!

Now comes the tagging part.

I tag Jeremy of MoolahKing Dot Com :: Mark Dykeman of BroadcastingBrain :: Sol Lederman of WildAboutMath :: Gerard Vlemmings of The Presurfer :: rj3sp

My most favorite posts are:


  1. Hey, I've been tagged..!!!

    Will do the same, mate.. :)

  2. Thanks for the tag.

    It may take me a couple of days to do this, but I will!


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