Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What song is this? A OneManSho

This short (2:28) clip "took a heck of a lot of work" and is dedicated to those who - after watching this other vid titled "200 impressions" - blame the maker of having "too much time" on his hands. As you can probably guess already, 200 impressions (below) is not a very short one so you can either (1) trust me its very funny and continue to visit his channel, or just (2) click the little triangle, spend another 16:35 here and visit his channel later:

Either way, OneManSho is hot. He has been "Dealing you the business end of the funny stick since 2006" and already has over 2,800 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Check him out!

OneManSho on YouTube
OneManSho on MySpace

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