Saturday, December 22, 2007

Scrabulous on Facebook: 480K Daily Active Users in 6 Months. Some guys just never listen.

Scrabulous on FaceBook

The idea to put the game on Facebook to broaden their reach was brought up - not a surprise - by one of their users. It was early June when the folks at wrote to Hasbro in an attempt to make sure there will be no copyright infringement issues if they do that. According to CNet Jayant and Rajat Agarwalla, software developers and brothers in Calcutta, India, never heard back from the International toy giant. The Agarwallas released their Scrabulous on Facebook at the end of June targeting 2,600 users. Within weeks, the Scrabulous application had 20,000 users. Today, six months later, the Scrabulous counter says "480,273 daily active users, 23% of total".

A new version of the game was released by the Scrabulous brothers last weekend aiming to improve performance. Additional "coming soon" features include; Word Meanings (clicking to see the meaning of the last word); more language dictionaries; optional notes area below the board titled Scribble Pad; Improved Statistics and, of course, a touch of web 2.0 spirit in the form of Buddy Option, allowing adding opponents to buddy lists.

I have never been a huge fan of Scrabble and word puzzles. This story is more about Hasbro and large corporations in general than it's about Scrabulous and the Agarwallas. Some guys just never listen. And there will always be someone who does.

Scrabulous on FaceBook

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