Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Said no to Windows Vista? Watercolor: cool WinXP Theme

Watercolor: cool WinXP Theme

And while we are on the subject below, In case you are not excited by Windows Vista's CPU killing bells-and-whistle fireworks and still haven't made your way to Ubuntu, check on Watercolor by Moonwatcher, a cool 704 KB weight XP theme on for your poor "still running Windows" PCs. This theme still runs on quite a few workstations I know including my own and works seamlessly. With 478 downloads already - not bad for a theme submitted two and a half days ago - this may be a perfect solution for anyone with a sense of graphic taste that still wants to run Windows XP.

Download directly, or go to


  1. For those not "in the know" to load a theme not signed by Mircosoft you have to patch your uxtheme.dll, luckily this can be done in the "next, next, next..." method with Multi-patcher:

  2. Too bad I am going to buy a new laptop in a couple of weeks and they come with Vista nowadays. As for Ubuntu; I don't seem to have enough time to try it... =D

  3. leena, for what its worth, i think you should at least have a look at ubuntu. unlike windows, the only thing you need to "have a look" is to download a cd image, burn it, put it in the drive and reboot. Ubuntu will load entirely from the cd without making ANY modifications to your hard drive. what you get is a fully functional Operating System living in your computer's memory. when you remove the CD and reboot you get your beloved Vista (remains to see how "beloved" once you "experience" it) as if nothing ever happened. Its called LiveCD and i think its at least worth a look.


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