Mini Low Carbonfootprint Hanuka Menorah with Superbright leds

Of all the somewhat crazy kinda cute but still cool things I saw on shops this Hanuka this electronic soldering kit for 5 mm LED mini-menorahs is my winner for this year. Available for all-affordable $10 you might still have enough time to order one of those low carbonfootprint mini-menorah and save the planet. Available in with LED color choices of "Superbright blue" or "Superbright white".

The Evilmad scientists say "assembly is easy with the included comic-book Menorah Instructions (400 kB PDF document, screenshot above). And just FYI: Miniature 3 mm LED sets have already sold out. I guess the cool Superbright yellows in the picture have also disappeared from the shelves.

Happy Hanuka everyone!
Via badbanana


Windyridge said...

Happy Hanukah to you!

I still think the real thing is the best, carbon footprint not withstanding!