Friday, December 14, 2007

iMedix: New Social Network to Help You Feel Better

Want to know more about your headaches or caffeine addiction? Searching for symptoms, diseases, treatments, or any other health related info? How about collaborating your efforts together with many other folks interested with the very same stuff?

iMedix is new social network helping people finding and sharing health related information. Members of the iMedix community use a spacial search engine that mixes results from the open Internet with user profiles, tags and recommendations and thus, assist each other by sharing their experiences and ranking medical content. According to iMedix their patent-pending search technology provides highly relevant results in response to health related queries. The engine "analyzes users’ feedback against millions of medical articles, pictures and videos in order to provide the best answers for health questions and concerns."

Concerned about your privacy? Uploaded content including text and images is of course accessible to other users and may appear in search results on iMedix. Yet, claiming for a 100% security and privacy procedures, iMedix enables you to upload your content and share it with other users without revealing your identity.

iMedix was co-founded in Israel by Amir Leitersdorf - and avid entrepreneur with strong Internet technology background who also co-founded and held the position of VP of Technology at Movota, which was sold to Bertelsmann Group in 2005. The iMedix start-up was just reported to raise $2M from private investors.


  1. Did you join? I am willing to join almost any network, but this scares me! Not because of privacy, but I would get hypochondriac by talking with people about illness. I am sticking with doctors.

  2. LOL. Sticking to doctors sounds reasonable :) Yet, social hypochondriacs is probably the best group of people to consult with after medical doctors. It's a known fact that in our brave new world avid medic readers can sometimes leverage their cross-subject understanding and come up with some directions normal doctors can never know about. I think I'll start using this network next time I'll be after some "latest" medic info. Yet, my username will of course remain private... :)


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