Friday, December 21, 2007

Das Park Pipe Hotel: Cozy, Private and Secure at the Danube Shore

If you ever plan on a visit to the Danube river in Germany, stay a few nights maybe and get to know the place better you'll probably need a nice place to stay. Well, no. I was not going to suggest my home as this individual lives quite far from the Danube. Yet, you might want to consider one of those sweet low-budget concrete pipes at the Das Park pipe hotel.

Not just they are so much cozy and private, you also get to see the sky via your own hatch, keep yourself worm in cold Danube nights (how hard could it be to keep this palace worm?) and don't have to wait for the elevator to get your breakfast.

You also get to be (almost) a part of nature in this amazing park and you can still get a good night sleep when you are done with all that. Worried about security? worry no more. These folks thought just about everything:

In case you like the idea but not such a big fan of the Danube, there are 6 more of the smallest hotels and hotel rooms in the world where this came from, on WebUrbanist.


  1. I like those:) We have similar log cabins to spend the night at least in Lapland but they are more like an option for a tent than a hotel.

  2. I wish we had these in the U.S. Ingenious-- I wonder if you'd get claustrophobic.


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