Thursday, December 20, 2007

10 Spectacular Examples from Top Egg Decoration Artists

Internet allows esoteric forms of art to reach new audience and gain momentum while still preserving authenticity. Take Egg Decoration for example. I've been a great fan of drilled eggs since my teenage years when my good friend Francis Wittenberger, Hungarian-Israeli inventor, artist and musician, used to preform amazing egg drill works with some old Romanian dentist equipment he had at home. There are several known techniques for egg decoration with the most popular one probably being Carl Fabergè's. Drilling & Sawing is my personal favorite, usually done with compressed air and leaving very little of the original shell. Another popular form is a wax resist method named Pysanky in which the artist uses geometric, plant, animal motifs and color to tell a usually very detailed story. Following are 10 spectacular examples title="Russ Hagen" from some of the world's greatest egg decoration artists as exhibited on the Eastern Ohio Egg Artistry Show (Ohio 2006 and 2007) and the Eggs-I-Bit (Phillipsburg, NJ, 2006). All photos taken by and courtesy of Randall B. Farber and the International Egg Art Guild (IEAG), a non-profit association of artists, artisans, and craftspeople who work with natural eggs as an art or folk art medium. Enjoy.

10. Shihori Kato
Shihori Kato

9. Satoko Kano
Satoko Kano

8. Mildred Davis
Mildred Davis

7. Russ Hagen
Russ Hagen

6. Mary Lou Crawford
Mary Lou Crawford

5. Lisa Sensinger
Lisa Sensinger

4. Kyoko Jewell
Kyoko Jewell

3. Helen Badulak
Helen Badulak

2. Harumi Baloy
Harumi Baloy

1. Gloria Harrison
Gloria Harrison

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