Thursday, November 1, 2007

Traffic data analysis: patterns for October

You may say I am a control freak but one of the reasons I tend to prefer the online environment for the disconnected one (the things usually referred as "world") is that using the right tools you can have a pretty good idea about what is really going on in the online one. and with very little effort and no expenses. The Israel Railroad company, for example, still pay people to walk around the trains and count people so they can have the minimum clue about how many passengers are using their infrastructure during weekdays, different hours of the day etc. I have a few comments about this procedure but this is not the subject here so lets focus on what we are interested with - detailed specific information about what is going on in our online house, shop, blog or what ever we name it.

Soon after one starts using a professional tool for collecting and analyzing traffic a very common question is brought up: OK, this is my data, but how do I know if this is "good" or "bad". how do I know where do I stand comparing to others like me? That is not a simple question as it seems, first of all because people don't like sharing this data, but also because there are mega companies that make a lot of money selling this sort of information. Detailed benchmark reports per industry is available, but for high sums of money. not just like that.

So, I decided to Ignore the fact my blog is of the low-traffic scale as I am not such a big star (yet), and share my kitchen data generated with the kind free help of Google Analytics, with all of you. I think it is stable enough and the numbers are reasonable for low-traffic bloggers to make some conclusions from them. So, enjoy the ride and let me know if you think this was interesting. If it will be, I'll publish such report every end of the month. Note: Google Analytics use cookies to calculate unique numbers but as we know people can delete their cookies so there is always some inherited inaccuracy in every report.


1364 visits and 2390 page views were made by 853 unique visitors.

The most popular articles

Excluding the homepage following are the most popular articles this month:
burma-bad-guys-are-winning-but-so-does.html (213)
thomas-snyder-is-first-sudoku-national.html (82)
israels-airstrike-on-syria-imagery.html (53)
criticker-movies-taste-better-and-its.html (51)
movies-that-changed-cinema-jaws-first.html (47)

Where did this traffic came from?

Amazingly more people were referred to my blog from StumbleUpon this month than from Google organic search. I have two very interesting observations in this article and the first is that - at least for me - organic Google searches are great. I get a very nice and pretty steady figure (235 this month) but StumbleUpon is even better. Nearly 22% of all the referrals I had during this month were of StumbleUpon.

Visitor countries

This measurement is always nice to look at and everyone can look for the countries he is after. As an Israeli I do have a large number of Israeli visitors, which makes sense. Yet, I am satisfied from the fact that the largest portion of country origins - 515 of total visits this month - were made by North Americans. This is good for an Israeli. Here are the top 10 origins with the number of visitors from each.

United States 515
Israel 350
United Kingdom 95
Finland 92
Canada 56
Italy 42
Australia 24
Netherlands 19
Ireland 14
Germany 13

Browser types

I kept the best part to the end. If you know anything about browsers you know Microsoft IE should not be accounted as one as it does not support the world's standards. MS think they can continue with the game the played with all of us for years but they are missing - or pretending to miss - the trend. According to w3c FireFox is more popular than IE 6 as well as from IE 7 when standing alone.

Of course Microsoft still holds a larger market share than the Mozilla community as they own both IE6 and IE7. Yet, I agree with the claims that Microsoft's share of the market is with a newbies. The people who don't know nothing about the web. But people are smart. and soon after gaining some experience more and more of them are leaving MS IE (6 and 7) for a real browser. In my blog we are almost at 75% using Firefox. I like that and like what I believe it says on my blog. High quality readers.

If you haven't done this until now, get your FireFox here. Its very easy to install and can be used aside to your IE, if you really can not live without it.


cooper said...

I've never been able to do the google analytics thing because it seems too complicated. Site meter gives me all I need to know.
Although I like that pie chart, it's colorful.

Jon Burg said...

How are you utilizing StumbleUpon to drive your traffic? Is there a registration/insertion system? How do you optimize against/with the StumbleUpon community?

giL said...

Jon, I believe the answer to both of your questions is just do the best stumbling you can.

I do my best to stumble good content and do it frequently. I also like meeting new people so SU is ideal for that as their friends system is pretty good. At the begining I was wondering around from blog to blog looking for good stumblers i like. Now the recent visitors component of my SU blog feeds me with all the new friends i need.

This said, there are a few tools that make things easier. Best one I know is StumbleUpon 3.15. I posted it to my SU blog especially for you :)

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