Friday, November 9, 2007

Plants and Humans: Chemical substances vs Voice communication

I always knew plants are smart and use chemical communication methods but never before thought of these methods as in fact better than those we people use. Thus, I particularly liked the last paragraph in this excellent article on picked up at the mega-hot environmental blog TreeHugger. Stefano Marcuso (shown above), a professor of horticulture at the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology (LINV) says plants communicating via chemical substances and therefore having better communication skills than us humans:

"They have a specific and fairly extensive vocabulary to convey alarms, health and a host of other things. We just have sound waves broken down into various languages, I don't see how we could bridge the gap."

Actually, this is a very interesting thought. I always thought voice is not much of a communication method. I prefer asynchronous means like email. or chat. But still, you know, it is Stefano Marcuso showing that plants are, in fact, intelligent entities, and not the plants running their own lab showing how dumb we people are by not seeing through this :)


  1. Voice is not important!
    Are you serious...
    I also would like to see the person's eyes ;)

  2. That was interesting but give me a room full of people anyday. At least if I'm trying to communicate.

    I have a couple of rooms full of plants. Maybe there is something unconscious going on here.


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