Monday, November 12, 2007

Kids Logic puzzles: Brain-training the next generation

As I promised last Thursday in my article about and braintraining getting a hotter trend in the west I would like to follow-up on what I said about how sometimes things just tend to "sort out on their own" and what this post from Sharpbrains was just perfect for me for, so her it is, just in case you are not a regular visitor to Conceptis Free Weekly Puzzles section or one of the company's publishers across the world:

The most dominant player in the international puzzle publishing market has announced a new line of logic puzzle families this Friday. Branded as "Kids Logic" the new set of intellectual activity games is designed to have positive impact on children's cognitive skills, logic deduction, concentration and eye-to-hand coordination. At this point Kids Logic puzzles are only available to Conceptis publishers. Yet, the official Kids Logic publisher section is open for visitors and offers this zip with a few free samples. Other than this we'll just have to wait for some publishers to get on with it and make some publications available.

Proper disclosure: this new product line was co-developed by my wife, Nitsan, and I have the pleasure and honor to be serving as Conceptis marketing officer. Thus, this post can hardly be taken as an objective journalism item :) This said, and as you may already know, I am a (new...) father myself and as such find the new line of children brain training products to be very exciting. I really just can't wait until Carmel can try them! So, even though I am far from being objective here, I do think that if you have any children you should check this out. Following is the official press release from Conceptis. Please feel free to leave your comments here if you have any.

Free samples zip here

With eleven Picture and Number logic puzzle families for teens and adults, Conceptis announced Kids Logic - a third line of puzzle families targeted at children ages 5 to 12. Conceptis’ Kids Logic consists of different fun to solve puzzles and activities which at the same time develop cognitive skills, logic deduction, concentration and eye-to-hand coordination.

Conceptis’ Kids Logic consists mostly of new puzzle inventions never seen before as well as some popular puzzle concepts improved by Conceptis. The first release includes five puzzle families: Paint-by-Blocks, Paint-by-Symmetry, Paint-by-Dots, and the kids versions of Maze-a-Pix and Dot-a-Pix. More Kids Logic families such as Paint-by-Arrows, Paint-by-Areas and Paint-by-Symbols will be released in 2008.


  1. This is really, really cool. But Ben will have to be the ultimate judge - I'll share his feedback with you as his typing skills are not yet up to par :-). Good luck with Conceptis, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words, Vivi. By all means please do come back to tell us all how things went for Ben! send me a picture even and trust it to be published here!

  3. Melissa6.11.11

    Is this book available or something similar to it yet?

  4. I'm afraid not, Melissa. At least not that we know of.


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