Monday, November 26, 2007

The end of advertising as we know it

According to a recent IBM Institute for Business Value study titled The end of advertising as we know it, and based on IBM global surveys of more than 2,400 consumers and 80 advertising experts, it seems the Advertising industry is about to be changed completely in the near future when: "spending on interactive, one-to-one advertising formats" will surpass traditional, one-to-many advertising channels and a "significant share of ad space will be sold through auctions and exchanges".

Furthermore: according to the study, Advertising will be viewed and acted on an "ad, and pay based on real impact" rather than "estimated impressions". Consumers will "self-select" their advertising and "share preferred ads with peers". User-generated advertising is also expected to gain more attention becoming "prevalent (and appealing) as agency-created spots."

Thanks to Greg Verdino for his useful lead.

Download complete IBM Institute for Business Value study (302KB)
Download executive summary (104KB)


  1. i think personal ads are pretty scary.. google is already gathering so many personal datas that some adservers can remember what you like and so you are getting ads that fits your interests.

    brave new world :(

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