Saturday, November 10, 2007

Detonate on Sarah Silverman. We love you too.

Leaving very few overdensed minded folks unannoyed, this lady absolutely my favorite female star at the moment. Shooting rounds in automatic, having mercy for none, Sarah Silverman makes previously known female comedians as Sandra Bernhard look like good girls just came back from church.

"She detonates verbal WMD's about everything from Jesus's nailing to the holocaust to 9-11" wrote Village Voice critic Michael Musto who in his article Sarah Silverman Is My Kind of Cunt took the effort to explain this lovely lady for those who just don't get it:

"No, she's not really racist, she's actually commenting on racism, and even white people seem to get it. In fact, in sneakily subverting biases in between trumpeting some of her own progressive thoughts ("Nazis are a-holes," she grins, bravely), Silverman probably is politically correct—and that's the scariest thing this fudgepacking wop has heard in a coon's age."

This said, Silverman is still havening attitude problems with a quite a few folks thinking of her as a "f--king bitch". Some of them even very famous. Editing the Sarah Silverman article in Wikipedia by unregistered members or newbies, for example, is "currently disabled until November 15, 2007 (UTC) due to vandalism." I guess some people just don't read the Village Voice.

Smartly utilizing the success of Jesus is Magic, a full-length film of her one-woman show taken in front of live crowd in Los Angeles in 2004, episodes of The Sarah Silverman Program - a new hot Silverman's television show - are now running on Comedy Central and were recently known to be signed for second season. Sadly, I still didn't have the pleasure of watching any of it but I intend to do so very soon. According to Silverman's MySpace page the show is about "a detached and eccentric woman with no discernible goals whose tale will be told through an array of comedic scenes".

In the meantime, and only if you have a sense of humor, I recommend the following clip for an hilariously funny, great Saturday morning entertainment time. Thanks go to my FaceBook friend Roi for the I Love You More clip. Keep on doing the good work, Sarah. We love you too.

I Love You More
Sarah Silverman

I love you more than bears love honey
I love you more than jews love money
I love you more than asians are good at math
I love you even if it's not hip
I love you more than black ppl don't tip
I love you then portericans need baths

I love you more than girls love dolls
I love you more than dogs love balls
I love you more than the white stuff in a zit
I love you Like Gary Busey
I love you more than dikes love pussy
I love you more than my aftershow monster bong hit

Jewish ppl driving german cars
Jewish ppl driving german cars
Jewy ppl buying german cars
What the cock is that shit?

But maybe it's like take back the night
Maybe it's like how bleeding hearts grow old and swing to the right
Maybe it's like when a faggot calls himself a faggot

Jewish ppl driving german cars
It's the opposit of fubu...
But maybe it's patty herst siding with her kiddnappers
Maybe it's south african miner killing diamond wearing gangster rappers
Maybe it's like when black guys call each other niggers



  1. Wow! Never heard of her. Must be a little more famous in Israel than here. Very interesting.

  2. awwww. i happen to like her spunk ;)

  3. this girl is so funny ..


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