Friday, November 16, 2007

BookSnap: bulk professional book capturing in the speed of light

Ever wanted your own personal digital library with all the books you ever had? if you did and ever tried scanning a whole book you must have stumbled upon this known problem: scanned book page images always come out twisted on their edges as you can never get the whole page to touch the surface of the scanner without destroying it. For a heavy scanning project this just won't do, it will take a lot of time and the result will be very disappointing. But this cute book-capturing device from Atiz Innovation Co. will do the job as it work very different from any scanner you ever seen.

BookSnap uses two digital cameras as a stereophonic image capture device instead of the old fashioned slow scanners, making the capture process much faster than any other scanner. The book is placed on a v-shaped cradle and a v-shaped transparent platen gently engages the book to make the pages flat.

A computer is used to control the gadget and send the commands to the cameras which then each capture its corresponding page. The shots are then sent back to the computer and shown on its screen. A proprietary software then enable the operator to preform various tasks as rotate, crops, resize and adjust DPI in real-time. BookSnap outputs all the images into one single PDF and is claimed to be able to process up to 500 pages per hour. Impressive.


  1. This would make a nice gift.

  2. I love gadgets, and I know what it's like to scan a book, a very nice idea


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