Friday, November 30, 2007

Assessing Scientific, Reading and Mathematical Literacy: Finland leads. Israel has a serious problem.

Yes, Finland once again took the lead in OECD's three-yearly PISA test of 15-year old secondary-school students, followed by Hong Kong (China) and Canada in second and third place. The tests we focused on science but also examined math and reading orientation. I happen to know one of the great teachers they have there and I can tell why. Other than solving Conceptis puzzles, being an avid puzzle blogger and community fan AND a great friend, Leena also teaches math in the past 20 years and must have a real part in Finland being where it is on this list. For further background reading, see Assessing Scientific, Reading and Mathematical Literacy, A Framework for PISA 2006.

I would offer the Israeli education ministry to consider a massive import of Leenas from Finland to Israel, no wonderly ranked by the OECD tests as number 39. That is of a total of 57 countries. With an average math grade of 56.9 within 10 years olds (Hebrew news from Haaretz) and after ranked 31 of 45 countries in recent international reading orientation tests I wouldn't expect Israel for any better. Every Israeli citizen knows we have no functioning education system in this country any more and that the future of our children is only up to our personal budget and status. Finland might be leading but Israel has a serious problem.

Official OECD announcement
OECD test results (pdf)

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  1. How can we teach our children if the high schools are on strike for almost 2 month (it started on Oct 10th) and in the news this morning they said the parents are stopping all schools on Sunday from 1st grade to 12th.

    The children are bored, but they still have to take the test at the end of the year


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