Monday, November 5, 2007

Apple, Intel, IBM, the big M and Babu: Wheels are in motion

Remember Jerry Seinfeld's The Visa sketch where he promises Babu Bhatt (played by Israeli actor Brian George) that "Wheels are in motion" even though the bottom line is still Babu being kept in Jail?

"Jerry: Babu, I'm gonna fix everything! I have a lawyer who knows someone in
the Immigration Department, they're gonna straighten the whole thing out, the
wheels are in motion, things are happening even as we speak!"

Well, wheels look like they are in motion also in the top tier IT industry as it was recently published (thanks Lior!) that Apple's market capitalization is at nearly $162 billion. This means Apple is surpassing Intel, valued at $155 billion and IBM at $157 billion. Thus, Apple is rapidly closing in on Google ($200 billion), but still has a long way to go before it can get closer to the "always there" Microsoft, valued at $290 billion.

The above Apple Bootcamp desktop backgrounds for those of you who like their Mac to also be a PC or visa versa can be obtained here. I told you wheels are in motion. Things are happening even as we speak!


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