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Nanc-e: the nannybot

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Some great laughs we had around the idea of a baby care robot when our daughter was a few months old and some pretty hard nights were passing by. We even had a few prototypes discussed and my younger brother was excited to jump in with a few of his own ideas. I am telling you all this just so you'd understand better how excited I was to click further when I stumbled this review about "a new name in technology" that is supposed to "offer the solution to all our domestic troubles". To my shocking surprise a (slightly processed) version of the above image was clearly showing a robotic machine ready and willing to take care of a human baby. "OK..." I thought. "I am listening. show me more." so I read on:

"...And those of us condemned to a life of gardening, baby-care and household chores cannot be blamed for igniting a tiny flame of hope when we peruse the buynlarge web site."

"Mmm. I already know one or two things about parenting a young human baby and there were a few things about this pictures that didn't make sense and this is one crazy idea. I wouldn't buy one. My wife won't have one if it was offered to her for free. Many babies will probably be afraid of those arms. Yet, if someone was crazy enough to put his (or shall I say her?) good money on this half Kubrick half Cameron sci-fi idea this is one link I had to click before reading on.

I was about to click the website link but then I saw this YouTube clip a few lines below. Fearing I might forget about it after going to the site I thought I'll just have a look before I move on. so I did:

Cool right? well, I'll leave the rest for a precise quote from Steve at as he said it very nicely: "It’s all fake. The company is fake. The robots are fake. That little ray of hope that came to life in your sole as you were reading this? It was fake!". Practically this is a great marketing gag, actually one of the coolest ones I have ever seen. I'll leave it to you to figure out marketing of what. You can go to the site and try figure out yourself or you can simply go to Steve's post and read on.


Delete Comment Al Ebaster at 11.10.07
I almost believed it! Hoaxes are getting better and better these days.

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