Free Burma!

Free Burma!


Cooper said...

Gil I am going to post something in regard to this on my Darfur blog. I know so little about Burma that I am not qualified to post on it.

I see that you are hors ahead of us.

giL said...

Hey Cooper. your Darfur blog should be perfect for that. I am sure they friends from Burma will be happy if you can mention their struggle in anyway.

The "spark" for current events was the fuel price in Burma that increased dramatically following an arbitrary decision of the local military chonta in charge. Cost of fuel used to power buses increased five-fold. This triggered a knock-on effect for staples such as rice and cooking oil.

So you can say the spark was a very "down to earth" thing but of course the real reason for what goes on in Burma since August 15 is people's will to be free of their tyrants. They have been trying to do this peacefully but are getting fired at in response.