Wednesday, October 24, 2007

FaceBook and Microsoft: is it final or is it Google?

Rumors about FaceBook negotiating a bitter acquisition bidding war with Microsoft and or Google have been around for quite some time. This morning another step was taken as the company confirmed it is planning "a significant advertising-related announcement" in two weeks, in perfect timing with the AdTech new-media marketing conference:

"Facebook has invited some of its closest advertisers to an event on November 6 in New York. As part of it, Facebook executives will discuss new approaches for advertising online. We are not sharing any further details."

Owen Thomas from the says we need not rely on any rumors as for the real confirmation all we need is a bit of digging into FaceBook: Apparently, Brandee Barker, the charmingly indiscreet head of Facebook PR, has added Adam Sohn - global sales and marketing PR at Microsoft - as his FaceBook friend. Just buddies? Fooling Google to take its bid up? we'll see soon.

Meantime New York Post reporter Peter Lauria said multiple sources had indicated a battle for the deal and that we may even see results within the next 24 to 48 hours. According to, value the social networking site FaceBook may sky high to more than $10 billion (£4.97 billion). Looking at the social media advertising business its no wonder at all: According to a recent research from eMarketer, for example, Social Networks ad spending is expected to reach $1.38 billion this Year, enormously growing to $3.63 billion in 2011. Here is a business you should look into.

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  1. Being so totally non web 2.0 knowledgeable I never really know the significance of any of this.

    I quit facebook twice and never looked back but some people love it.

    All the marketing stuff is beyond me.


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