Monday, September 10, 2007

Web Urbanist: the city's voice

Did you know there is a variety of nonvandalistic urban street expression forms such as Light Art and Reverse Graffiti? Are you familiar with Eco-friendly Leave-No-Trace and Urban Expression? Ever heard of Urban Exploration? public space Guerrilla Gardening? Architectural Light Graffiti also known as Projection Bombing...? Urban Exploration: Beginner’s Guide to Adventures in Building Infiltration

If the answers to all the above is no I bet you still haven't heard of the Web Urbanist, a recently launched online presence in the form of blog serving a collective of blogger-writers focused and excited of in everything about the culture of the big city. Maybe it's because I live in the suburbs for five years already and I have always been a city rat. Maybe it's just me being tired of hi-tech corporate websites, I don't know, but this website turns me on: From subway parties, public pillow fights and spontaneous gatherings to urban abandonments and deserted wonders of the modern world, Web Urbanist has its hand on every latest expression form of urbanism as pure poetry. Subway parties and subway installation art

The primary Web Urbanist poet is known as derami. "Something of a jack-of-all trades" (in his own words) but with an undergraduate degree in philosophy and recently presented his master’s thesis on architecture and urban design, everything about dermani says "cool" and "thrilling". And don't think I am overreacting here. Even though this website was only launched about three months ago Web Urbanist can already be considered as a meteor in terms of Internet presence and viral marketing, claiming to had over 450K unique visitors in the last month.

If you are not familiar with the Unique Visitors term check the subject on this Wikipedia article. If you are familiar with the term and just skeptic about the above number consider the number of Web Urbanist articles which were starring on the front pages of the most popular social news sites including Digg and StumbleUpon to name a few. I counted nine of them just on Digg, five of them bookmarked by more than 1000 users. With 594 blog reactions Web Urbanist gains an Authority level of 350 and ranks 11,498 on Technorati. Recent 3rd party traffic reports of its reach and ranking, shown by Alexa, also reflect a very strong surge. Check out this online poetic justice:

Amazingly this website is still reported to have a zero (!) Google ranking but you don't have to be an SEO expert to expect this to be changed quickly. Five bad points to Google and who are both failing to get the trend in their own yard. If you want an easy way in check on the Top Content Roundup: 6 Most Popular Web Urbanist Posts

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  1. Wow, I couldn't have asked for a better, more thorough, thoughtful or kinder review! It really is readers like you that make a site worth pouring one's heart into.

    The growth of the site has been great to be a part of. Each day there are new feed readers and incoming links. Since the site really is about urban environments around the world, it is also great to see feed-reader pings all the way from Australia to Israel!

    I only hope I (and the site) can live up to adjectives like "cool" and "thrilling" - but I'll certainly do my best :)


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