Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Viral Garden: female marketing bloggers are up

Women bloggers focusing on marketing issues seem to be doing excellent job recently. Mack Collier who runs the weekly updated list The Viral Garden's Top 25 Marketing Blogs says women are at the top 25 once again this week "as almost every blog that features a female blogger was up". Also according to Collier "Four of the Top 8 blogs now have female bloggers".

I was happy to see that Greg Verdino's Marketing Blog - one of my favorites - was "the lone new entry in this week's Top 25". Cheers on that Greg! Collier's Top 25 Marketing Blogs are ranked based on Technorati's information. The Viral Garden is a top Technorati blog ranking number 4,544 and tagged with 3,866 blog reactions. According to Collier his blog serves a community of over 50,000 readers a month.


  1. Gil thanks for the mention of the Top 25 Marketing Blogs list. And I agree, it's great to see the women bloggers getting their due!

  2. Jenny16.9.07

    Hi, do any of you bloggers know anything about the viral widget called BlogRush. Apparantly it
    was just launched yesterday.

    I found it here in the top of the right column at this Ning site.

    It's supposed to give you reciprical traffic based on reading the content of your page like Adsense does (but it doesn't pay anything, just gives free traffic).

    It says you actually get like 10x or more traffic back, due to some exponential growth aspect of it. (multi tier affiliate based on who signs under you?)

    Does this kind of thing really work? I wouldn't say no to free traffic.


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