Tuesday, September 25, 2007

VideoEgg: overlay video advertising

(Ad: Microbounce, Adidas)

And while we are on the subject of the mass media world engaging with the new generation of media users, here is some extended information about a company who does just that very successfully and mentioned in my previous post.

With approximately 30 million unique viewers each month VideoEgg is a rich-media advertising platform specializing in social networks. The company says their innovative advertising format "enhances, rather than disrupts" the viewer experience. Here is a bullet list from VideoEgg website describing the main points of their approach and technology:

Starts with the user, invites the viewer into a dialog
Supports virtually any Flash player, widget application or web page
Helps increase video consumption on a publisher's site
Provides powerful targeting options
Allows for any combination of overlay, pre-roll and post-roll
Offers plug-ins for remnant providers
And has tremendous momentum in media and advertising communities

Check the above video and let me know what you think. Note you can also click the Menu button to see how the advertiser message was integrated at the end of the video. Click the video window in the bottom left corner to view the ad. More clips using the same "video carrier" but with different advertisement available on VideoEgg.com

In addition to the above and through partnerships with Facebook third-party applications, VideoEgg also supports media community rich, innovative ad opportunities on Facebook third-party application pages. Shown in the above image, this VideoEgg implementation comes in the form of expandable Flash banner offering advanced creative options and millions of Facebook impressions per day.

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