Thursday, September 6, 2007

Twitter is being upgraded

This message just appeared on Twitter homepage, redirecting to this page. might explain / have something to do with the recent problems with their updating system during last 48 hours.

Edit1 21:36 (GMT +2): Twitter is still down. David Armano seem to have the same feelings about the twitter lifestream missing from his life. We all seem to got used to it pretty quickly didn't we? I am annoyingly worried by the large hole it left on my right bar.

Edit2 21:46 (GMT+2): First we had Skype shutting down for 48 hours leaving us with no VOIP, then Google Analytics left a 3 days hole in my traffic monitoring system and now I can't even twittwit with my friends before weekend comes. I am getting a bit worried of the "new Internet".

Edit3 23:15: Twitter seems to be back in business

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