Friday, September 7, 2007

House Gecko Roentgen

We spotted this cute house gecko last night on the mosquito net at the upper bathroom window. Even though I was on my way to the shower the opportunity of a somewhat unusual reverse angle shot could not have left unanswered.

Look at the way our flash lights up it skin so strongly you can almost see the internal organs. Roentgen's style. Shot with a Nikon CoolPix 8800.


  1. I used to play this lizard when I was young and their eggs.

    What a great shot Gil, I can almost see the organs. I think the lizard wants to eat the insect on her left side.

    By the way, I added you in my blogroll and thank you for adding me me too.

  2. To have a house gecko? What must it be like?

    I remember all sorts of lizards in Australia and Venezuela while growing up. I was used to them. I find those creature fascinating to watch. Don't get much of that here.


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