Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Director of Photography

We were taking some photos of ourselves using my Motorola RAZR when Carmel had this 'idea' to photo her feet so she can enjoy looking at the pictures in the phone. Then she kind of 'directed' this picture, instructing me exactly where I should place my foot (on the living room table), placing her hand on it and urging me to take the picture, resulting with above.


  1. Adam Benayoun5.9.07

    This is a very sensitive picture.
    All hail your daughter for having such a bright eye.

  2. It is just amazing! It seems that she has got genes from her father. And if I remember right she has also the artistic eye from her mother. Remember to cherish her abilities and she'll end up a famous artist ;)

  3. hi!giL
    I am a father who lives,works and spends most of times on my child,too.I love your sites and photos.Have a nice day!


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