Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dinosaur advertisers beware: Google Gadget Ads released. almost.

Less than five months after announcing their testing group during a summit for the automobile industry and only two days after unlocking the potential of mobile advertising market by launching AdSense for Mobile, Google has just announced a limited release of their Google Gadget Ads a few hours ago.

If you are thinking about running and getting your own Google Gadget Ad right now before even finish reading my post, you better read on because you probably just can't do that: Answering the FAQ of Am I eligible for this program? The friends from Google say that:
Gadget ads require a high level of technical resources to create, and generally also require a high level of support from the AdWords support team. To avoid confusion for users, and to make sure we have appropriate levels of support, gadget ads are currently enabled for a limited number of AdWords advertisers who have created content-rich ads in the past.

Still based on the classic CPC or CPM billing rates, the new Google advertising format is supported by a dedicated editor made by Google for this purpose. I guess this interface is supposed to allow advertisers easier generation of rich media ads, though I am not so sure if it really does that. We'll have to see about that.

Google Gadget Ads editor: requiring "high level of technical resources"...

The Google Gadget applications are written in XML and are converted into HTML and JavaScript. Thus they can be flexibly embedded into websites and blogs, and of course within Google Desktop, Page Creator and iGoogle homepages.

Not surprisingly, Google picked on a very good timing to launch Gadget Ads. Internet advertising revenues have just reported recently a quarterly all-time record of $4.9 billion for the first quarter of 2007. According to Internet Advertising Bureau, coming after a record year in 2006, this means "marketers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the strength, accountability and effectiveness of the interactive medium".

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