Thursday, September 6, 2007

Conceptis 3: get your brain ready

If you like logic puzzles and teasing your brain with the highest quality of intellectual entertainment you might want to read further as well as check out again every now and then as I plan to start posting some updates on the subject discussed here.

The first version of, then under the domain name of, was conceived together with the birth of the new millennium in 2000. It was a very modest static brochure website showing the only puzzle Conceptis had back then - Pic-a-Pix. It was just only about two years later in June 2002 when the second version was launched, upgraded to a community supporting website.

Fueling our wildest dreams with hot oil

We thought we'll be satisfied but instead we started sharing thoughts about a futuristic super-website, an advanced online platform dedicated to logic puzzles. The enthusiastic responses we got from our members didn't help either. They were just fueling our wildest dreams with hot oil.

It was not until January 10, 2003, though, when the first plans for this super-website had started. At first we called it "Conceptis Club" but on February 12 we came up with the name My Conceptis as the title of the free puzzle club and named the whole project Conceptis 3, or in short C3.

Today, four and a half years after its first marketing requirement documents were written, we believe we are pretty close to launching this website, even though we don;t have any official date yet. I had the privilege of leading and coordinating this project during all this time. It was the hardest and most demanding mission I have ever taken on myself, putting aside being a parent but that only happened during the project and after getting married with its graphic designer. LOL :)

The above screenshot is the new site homepage and top puzzle family navigation system. Just like the rest of the site, this navigation derives from an advanced xml catalog containing all Conceptis puzzle genealogy structure. Thus it is being updated automatically with the addition of every new puzzle family. There is also has a child version for this element supporting the puzzle variants level.

In the meanwhile you can just enjoy the existing site ("C2") at

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