Sunday, September 30, 2007

Burma: unknown dead bodies now reported burned at YaeWay Crematorium

After decades of brutal dictatorship, the people of Burma are rising up but as the world stand still they are also being brutally murdered in unknown numbers. I just discussed the importance of freedom of press a while ago in my post about Reporters Without Borders and already the cold blooded murder of Photographer Kenji Nagai in Yangon street three days ago serves us as a frightening demonstration for what I was talking about and for the direction things are heading at.

Now we are indeed getting into the next step as it was now reported that unknown dead bodies are burned at YaeWay Crematorium. Here is a transcript of a phone conversation with a Burmese in Yangon, published on Burma-Myanmar Genocide 2007, a blog that publishes updated news about current ongoing genocide in Burma/Myanmar and English translations of Burmese/Myanmar blogs reporting from within the country:

"Er… they shot… people got killed. Er…but it seems like it wasn't as bad as yesterday in terms of number of deaths, however we will know the accurate picture tomorrow. Er… la another disturbing news is that er… I would like to know if you would inform BBC and CNN about? (sob!!!) They burned the injured protesters/civilian people in the YaeWay Crematorium la la . Er… the staff from crematorium told this, crying, to the people who went to the funeral service. Please let this known to CNN and BBC."

Updated pictures from Burma are available on the original Burmese blogs from the following addresses:

As internet reporters risk their lives to get this information and have it broadcasted on the web a special Indymedia team set up this backup mirror for their Burmese/Myanmar friends.

The Australian reported today that Rangoon - the dilapidated former Burmese capital - is in "lockdown, with a curfew in force from 9pm to 5am. and that "Limited phone connections have been restored but mobile and internet services remain closed."

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    Free Burma!
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