Saturday, September 29, 2007

Back with (good) surprises

We don't go out on many vacations and not because we can't afford ourselves or work don't allow. When you are lucky as my wife, daughter and myself to have a large house with enough room for separate offices and the perfect job working with Conceptis at your flat 19' LCD screen you don't need to. In addition, last time we came back from a vacation there was a surprise waiting for us at home and of the type you rather leave for your enemies.

This time, coming back from three days off at the Golan Heights, things were different. Awaiting surprises were counting two and both were of the kind you wish for your friends. First, I was amazed my blog shows up first in a list of new blogs Cooper ( is "reading and enjoying immensely". I seriously had to check with my usual dictionary for "immensely" to make sure I am not misinterpreting anything here. The Free Dictionary says immensely means:

1. Extremely large; huge.
2. Of boundless or immeasurable size or extent. See Synonyms at enormous.
3. Informal Surpassingly good; excellent.

It's good to be loved. Especially by a young bright blogger with a rare combination of talent for words, political consciousness and mass media awareness, not to mention a promising future at the age of 22.

Internet marketing sucks?

As If it was not charming enough of Cooper to mention me this way, I picked up this post at Debo Hobo, a travel blog for tips and information about traveling. When you are tagged with a FAB Five MeMe this way you should reciprocate in a similar manner, linking to five of the blogs listed on the MeMe, including the one who tagged you. You should also mention five other blogs of your choice and pass your MeMe on by posting it on your blog.

Some think this form of blogging is exactly the type of stuff making internet marketing sucks but I think they are missing the point. Internet is not a "parallel dimension" in the form of bytes and megabytes anymore which we should try keeping "clean". Internet has already become a coherent part of the human life stream, and as such it also calls for new marketing minds and profit possibilities. For the good and bad of it.

All sorts of inevitable human activities from sharing your GPS Camera phone photographs and chimeric daydreams to making music and selling Mochi-Mochi knitted toys. all of them need to be reborn now to obtain their Internet form. The new media and marketing strategies are just part of this. Advertising is changing as well. It needs to become faster, and much smarter.

Creative enough to be noticed

The web allows people to be their own marketers and thus made people to be the most useful database in the world. If I'll ever go touring for the original Hawaii Five-O locations Debo Hobo's friends list would be the first place I'll be looking at. I can honestly say some of the most interesting people I have ever met were online mates.

How else could a guy from Israel meet an extremely intelligent math teacher from Finland who is also a devoted Conceptis puzzles addict and make friends with her? Where else could I have met the coolest Urban Culture expert on earth? These people took the effort to be their own web marketeers and were creative enough to be noticed. It takes a considerable effort to think an idea over and over until you have it formed the way you want it too, but it always pays back. As nicely put by David Armano from Logic+Emotion advising us to take the effort required to see things differently:

My visual communications professors constantly challenged us to look at things differently. To never be satisfied with our first ideas- they were merely stepping stones to something better. When I facilitate ideation sessions, I remember these lessons. The first ideas can sometimes be really good—but the more ideas build upon each other, the better the chances of ending up with something wonderful."


  1. hi friend. :) It's wonderful to see a family photo. Thank you for sharing that with us! :)

  2. He he, thanks for saying that Jon. Actually someone i sent this post to thought its so strange that he came to conclusion it might have been sent by mistake... ? LOL its funny how people can see things so differently. thanks again.

  3. You are truely FABULOUS!!!

  4. Thank you Debo, frankly every part of it is pure pleasure and this part is the best.


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