Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Individual@home quoted on ZDNet's Googling Google

Google Analytics is back in business but the 3 days hole in my data is still there. I can live with it but I am not sure what others who use this to make their living think about this missing part in their data. Anyway, using my GA this morning I discovered my post about 'Google Analytics in data blackout' was quoted and referenced on ZDNet's Googling Google, Garett Rogers' famed blog keeping track of Google activities.

Check it out below. Apparently Mr. Vint Cerf , vice-president and “chief internet evangelist” at Google, has recently said some things he shouldn't have considering the amount of problems Google seem to experience recently.

Vint Cerf warns about reliability and security on the web by ZDNet's Garett Rogers -- It’s a bit ironic that Vint Cerf is touting Google’s infrastructure and warning users about unreliable software and poor security when both Blogger and Google Analytics were reported unavailable this week. To top it off, Google also recently pulled the plug on their paid video content services — causing users to “lose” their purchased [...]

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  1. 3 years ago I was looking at google with different eyes: Great technology, absolutely awesome improvements for the human kind. But my attitude towards google has changed: the nearly monopolist doesn´t behave according towards their policies...they exploit their power and that´s just sad.


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