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I was introduced to this cool new web2.0 venture
by a good blogger friend (thanks Boaz!). After having a glance I knew I just had to share this one with the rest of you.

Composed of people’s faces ("Get the picture") is a living mosaic of portraits which also preform as a classic web2.0 social network. Sign up with your real email address (verification required) fill in your personal details which will also be used for matching with similar profiles, read a short instruction about how to properly add your picture to become a part of this online art form.

You can bookmark any part of the puzzle using a "puzzle mark" and add comments and descriptions to this bookmark. The guys from openpuzzle claim there is also an option for publishing your puzzle marks on your website or blog but I have to admit I couldn't find it even though I red everything there was to read.
There is a search option for old classmates and people in your area but as there seem to be 516 members (from 14 countries...) on this cool website it don't make much sense as the moment.

Got the picture? its a great idea but as everything else it takes some time for every enterprise to gain its fans. even on the Internet. Join me on OpenPuzzle and add your photo too.


Delete Comment Fabian at 9.8.07
Hi giL,

tank you for joining openpuzzle and writing such a nice article !

We hope to gain more fans like you in the next months for our living mosaic !

In the meantime we keep on optimizing our functions and our layout!

Kind regards,
Fabian (founder of
Delete Comment giL at 9.8.07
You are most welcome Fabian and thank you for honoring me by commenting on my post. I hope your venture will grow along with your dreams!

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