Saturday, August 11, 2007

Free 3-column blogger templates

I've been looking for a decent blogger templates resource for some time now. I simply had to get myself out of this 2-column prison almost every template for the this new Google blogger had. For some reason I didn't came up on Thrbrtemplates on until this morning. I guess I was just not enough into it but now I did so here it is. I used the minima-blue-3col-w960 XML template with a few minor adjustments.

A few Blogger Themes and Templates can be found in the left sidebar. You can grab these templates and install them on your blog through your edit html panel. All templates, other than the one used for the WorkShop design, css and markup, are provided to "use and abuse, beautify and mutilate". There aren't any Terms of Use on this site though it mentions it "would be nice" if you keep their template header information 'as is'.

I also kept this screenshot of the 2-column one (below). Hashem Ykom Dama...

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