Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Compete.com: toolbar is only one of many information sources

Is my blogging getting hotter or what? Following my post Alexa get is wrong: switching to Compete, and after getting quoted on ZDNet's Googling Google, Andy Kazeniac from compete.com just posted this comment telling me how they love stories like my in Compete (i bet they do :)) but also added this important addition about them using other sources of information in addition to their toolbar:
Although toolbars do contribute to the Compete community, they are only one of many sources of information. We believe that the variety in our sources helps eliminate any bias that shows up in a single source and helps to give a better representation of the average U.S. internet consumer.
Jay Meattle from Compete.com explains in a follow-up email:
Compete aggregates data from Internet Service Providers, ASPs, opt-in panels, and Compete software – such as the toolbar and Firefox extension. We like to think it’s a better approach than Alexa’s, and pretty much any other provider of 3rd party competitive stats.

Cheers Andy and Jay.

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