Monday, July 16, 2007

WikiYou: The people's Wiki

Recently launched WikiYou is a website dedicated to "the unauthorized biography of every person on earth". According to Mashable!, a leading blog focused exclusively on social networks, the most active members on the site are invited to become editors and are promised to get prominent placement for stories they include about a person. Mashable! highlights a few interesting comments about how this system work:

The actual “stories” about a person show up in speech bubbles that resemble the updates you’ll see on Twitter, and tend to be rather short. You can include links, images and flash embeddable media into a “story” as well.
These are pretty cool features, helping in fueling the social aspects of the process. Yet, this type of service has obvious potential problems within the privacy and identity theft areas:

There are absolutely no privacy settings, so anyone can edit anyone’s biography. WikiYou also has a separate section for Celebs. There are of course, privacy and security issues that can come about as a result, but the wiki nature of this service means that, even if content is revised, it’s not deleted.

For the good and the bad of it, ever since Internet came into our life, there is very little most of us can practically do about what other people say about us and this is not just problem of celebrities anymore. Wikipedia already has many articles about ordinary people so my advice is for you to "be there" for your own name before the bad guys will.

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