Sunday, July 8, 2007

Microsoft(R) Firefox | We've Made it Better

Just stumbled this "amazingly going all the way to make its point" site with the strange eyecatching domain name of and could not believe my own eyes. I found myself clicking my way from the About page to the Download looking to see what is going actually on here. Then I had to keep my mouth shut with my palm to avoid my laughter moos from waking everyone at the house. Following is some text from this site about page. Don't miss the rest of it! There is even a Press section...

We provide tools for developing Microsoft standards content

  • Microsoft offers the best implementation of its web standards. Period.
  • By acquiring competitors left, right and center, we offer to to roll a plethora of core technologies into one - removing unnecessary compatibility issues and risks.
  • We utilize scare tactics such as filing lawsuits against companies who we deem as second rate or are providing low-key products to our more deserving users. Such techniques has effectively stabilized core security kernels within technologies such as Microsoft Windows.
We are a slightly open source community

  • We continue to be a leader and partner in slightly open source development, providing low cost*and alternative choices for technology. With millions of users already, we are one of the world's largest distributors of slightly open source software.
  • Our software development processes all take place in the public eye*. We have nothing to hide.
* Official US Civil Antitrust Complaint required

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