Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 30: bad day for motion pictures history

Just as I posted this review about the toughest movie characters of all times yesterday evening, this week has turned into a REALLY bad one in terms of motion pictures history as two of the last living film director giants have left the stage for new filmmakers.

Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman died Monday morning July 30 at his home on the island of Fårö, at the age of 89. It was just a few hours later when we all heard about the death of Michelangelo Antonioni at the age of 94. Following is a short video of my favorite Bergman The Seventh Seal (1957), an existential journey of a medieval knight (Max von Sydow) across a plague-ridden country.

This one is from Zabriskie Point (1970) by Antonioni that depicts the U.S. counterculture movement of that time, telling the story of an idealistic young secretary, and a militant radical. I first came to know about this fantastic movie due to the Pink Floyd soundtrack album carrying the same name. Haifa's Cinémathèque was the place where many of my building blocks and dreams were formulated.


  1. Its spelled Cinémathèque
    and has roots in 1930's France:

  2. Very nice Lior. thank you. I'll correct myself Immediately!


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