Friday, July 6, 2007

The Internet Frog: test your bandwidth provides this cool tool for testing both your download - the speed at which your Internet connection downloads data to your PC from the Internet and your upload - the speed at which your Internet connection uploads data from your PC out to the Internet. The Internet Frog tool also reports the Quality of Service (QOS) for your connection, which represents the level of consistent download capacity provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The higher QOS percentage, the higher the overall quality of the connection - which results in better connections for high traffic applications, such as streaming content (audio, video, VoIP calls, etc.)

Other parameters mesured are RTT which stands for the Round Trip Time (RTT) reports the total time in milliseconds (ms) to send a small data packet and obtain a reply back. The smaller the RTT score means a faster the connection and Max Pause - the longest pause recorded during the data download. This should be a very small number. If not, it could indicate Internet congestion or a bad Internet connection. You can see my test results in the picture.

The Internet Frog has many tools for webmasters, domain owners, network administrators, and website developers. The Internet Frog is free to use.


  1. Anonymous21.5.09

    How do you calculate the QoS, basically what is the formula used?

  2. Anonymous24.11.09

    The QOS readings seem to vary somewhat depending on a number of factors, so I don't think they're really very reliable to be honest.


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