Thursday, June 28, 2007

Moshe Aluminum

The Aluminum man came again yesterday. finally finished the job. did a good one. new nets, additional safety bolt in the back yard window, new rubber strips for the shower. They usually are doing a good job, their problem has to do with time-to-market than with product quality. But I am not complaining.

His name is Moshe and, just as his partner Yossi, he doesn't use his second name. We therefore call them Yossi and Moshe Aluminum. We have a lot of Aluminum in our house so we get to see the Aluminum couple every once in a while. I like working people so i guess its all right. We fuel the economy. I respect working people of many kinds. not all I think, but many. Most working people make their living by utilizing their natural skills and this a good thing.

There is always something to be revealed in the connection between every person and his job. Some people, for example, are good with their hands. its their personal preference whether they use them for breaking into rich people's safes or for fixing poor people cars. Some like sitting at their desks and can't stand the sun and wind so they become clerks or telemarketers or software engineers. others need to see people nearby every single day and have to get dressed and go to the office. Sometime put on some make-up. Others like working from home and keep away from the outside as much as possible. Except for their garden of course. You know at least one certain individual of that kind.

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