Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lunch with yaron

Since we bought the Nikon, as soon as Nitsi got pregnant, we got ourselves about 40GB of digital pictures. I spend time deleting some of them soon after I empty the camera card but there are still too many of them to find anything without proper organizing. On top of all that we need to send copies to family and friends. So, i figured its time to have my Flickr corner started.

Gladly I didn't even have to go through a registration process as I already have a Yahoo account since about 10 years ago and Flickr seems to be a Yahoo group venture. Anyway, that was about it. As Flickr allows posting directly to blogger blogs I took the opportunity to publish this spectacular one, scanned from one of my dad's slides. Isn't this amazing? I must be about 3 years old here, not much more that the age of Carmel right now. I also look very much like her if yo ask me but I'll let you be the judge.

I am the little one on the left if you haven't notice.

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