Thursday, June 21, 2007

House Gecko macro shots

It was about 13:30 when we all took a short break here to talk with this guy who fixes the Aluminum windows. He finally came after about a year of waiting (no kidding. a year. that's how it goes with those guys in case you don't have an Aluminum stuff at your cave).

As we were showing him the ruptured mosquito nets in our daughter's room this cute little House Gecko was spotted up - standing there on the wall, staring at all of us. The Nikon was downstairs but we still managed to take the above two lovely macro shots.

The scientific name of the House Gecko, according to Wikipedia, is Hemidactylus frenatus. Known as the "Pacific house gecko" or "Asian house gecko", it is the most recently discovered member of a quartet of small, prolific and aggressive little lizards that become active at twilight. Did you get that? The head above belongs to an aggressive little lizard!! here are a few more 1:1 details cut from those two shots:

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