Thursday, June 28, 2007

Games + Puzzles: Article including Conceptis puzzles published in The Boston Globe

"Grab a pencil, and get comfortable. This issue is prime beach material – and because next week precedes July 4 and there will be no magazine, you have two weeks to play with it. For starters, Conceptis, a leading supplier of puzzles like Sudoku to publications worldwide, gave us a few more crazy puzzles. We also tapped two of our own puzzlers, Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, for some non-crossword games, and we got some fun contributions from local trivia and puzzle fiends. Have fun, good luck chasing the prizes we’ve got waiting, and let me know what you think at – Doug Most, Editor"

This was the introduction text in this article by Doug Most published on the Boston Globe, one of the world's most well known newspapers. The Boston Globe (and Boston Sunday Globe) is the most widely circulated daily newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts and New England. Owned by The New York Times Company, the broadsheet Globe's local print rival is the tabloid Boston Herald.

Don't forget to check Monster Maze ("Get through it and you'll make a picture") which stands for Conceptis Maze-a-Pix as well as Spooky Stuff ("Solve the puzzle to make a picture") also known as Conceptis Pic-a-Pix, Oekaki Logic (Japanese お絵かきロジック), Paint by Numbers, Nonogram, Griddlers, Hanjie, Japanse Puzzels, Puzle Japonés, Pixel Puzzles, Logic Art, Logik Puzzles, Jaapani Mõistatused, Tsunami, שחור ופתור, Japanse Puzzels, Japanese crosswords and many many other names all over the world.

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