Saturday, June 9, 2007

Drawing potty training!!

We are deep inside the Toilet training stage. Toilet training (or potty training) is the process of weaning a young child off diapers (or "nappies" in the British Isles and many Commonwealth countries) and training the child to use the toilet for urination and defecation.

Wikipedia says Toilet training is usually started and completed between the ages of eighteen-months and four years though recent studies in Japan show that an increasing number of children are wetting their beds or wearing diapers full time, even in elementary school so I think we should at least try having weaned a bit sooner...

Anyway, we just started doing that with Carmel a wile ago and she seems to be doing very well. She knows everything about the theory but still has some difficulties controlling what needs to be controlled. She also still seems to be fascinated by the fact those "things" go out of her own body. Carmel likes her potty. She has nothing against it or against the idea of using it. Recently she started using it as a chair during the drawing lessons she demands from Nitsan and myself. The potty perfectly fits the required height. It's so cute >>

Oh, yes. and the HTPC went dead. No wonder considering the amount volume and frequency it gets kicked and hit by Carmel. Thus, I have been playing with computers quite a lot in the last two days. problems started since there was no CD player on the machine. This is a necessary step of course when you design a PC for the usage of a 2 year old chilled who likes to examine things by hitting them. I am going to show some pictures later on exactly what it means to have your HTPC dead.

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